All About the Games

Every individual has different criteria when it comes to buying a new phone or simply picking out a phone in general. For one person it may be only the price but for others it’s all about the gaming quality. For those who are truly looking for the best android for gaming, the answer is within this article.

According to many reviews, the top rated phone in this category – that is the best android for gaming hands down – is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge; there’s more than good reason behind this. Not only does this phone have a curved screen and a beautiful picture as per critics, a display size of 5.5 inches but it also has an amazing battery life. For intense game session times, Samsung has factored in functions to keep away those notification annoyances so as to not disturb or distract its customers with tools such as Game Launcher and Game Tools – accessed via the Settings on the phone – which has proven to be a big success for this phone.

As if the aforementioned isn’t enough, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also beats the rest of the competition in being the best android for gaming due to the fact that it is even ahead of Google in its operating system. This bad boy supports Vulkan APIs ensuring the best of the best in regards to any game played. Needless to say, if there was any doubt about which android to purchase before to suit all of your gaming needs there shouldn’t any more; hopefully the choice is more than clear!